Digitalising the petrol forecourt

The Opportunity: Petrol station customers spend between three and five minutes waiting for their
tank to fill up. During this time, they are prohibited from using their mobile phones for health and
safety reasons, and they cannot leave their vehicle unattended. These customers are receptive to
short, engaging content that will make the wait more enjoyable: early research in the field suggests
advertising displayed on petrol forecourt screens has a 65% spontaneous recall rate. Whilst statistics
show that petrol forecourts are predominantly visited by males aged 25-50, our proximity network
tends to attract all sorts of demographics; therefore, content provision needs to be sufficiently


The Partner: Mirane is a digital marketing and technology company that specialises in connected
POS solutions. With 50 employees in two countries (France and Mexico) and constantly increasing
revenues, Mirane helps its clients to improve customer relations through in-store digital innovations
that make the shopping experience richer and more exciting. Active in a number of prestigious
sectors (such as banking, insurance, and automotive), Mirane is since 2012 the media and
communications arm of Madic, a French construction and maintenance group particularly active in
the petrol retail sector.

The Outcome: Four of our French Esso-branded stations (two Express and two motorway) have been
equipped with Mirane screens. To optimise space usage and maximise visibility, these screens have
been integrated in the brand new “koalas” that have been installed on all sites in 2017 as part of the
Synergy brand upgrade project. The screens broadcast a wide range of content: local traffic
information, weather forecasts, horoscopes, “unusual” news, movie trailers, Certas promotional
content, and commercials. Customers’ eyes are guided to the screens by displaying key transaction
data (litres, price) on their bottom third. Early feedback from customers is extremely positive.